Marina Prus
this is a personal website for nail care service specialist
+ online course payment system setup
website design, development & payment system setup (bePaid)
The Challenge
A significant challenge revolved around the dissemination of information across the internet regarding Marina's nail service expertise, leading to confusion among both existing and potential clients. This confusion hindered the formation of a comprehensive understanding of Marina as a skilled professional. The second challenge was the underperformance of Marina's online course sales on Instagram, her primary platform. This issue appeared to be linked to a moderate level of trust in Marina's professional credibility, possibly exacerbated by the ambiguity regarding her professional credentials and the course pricing, which was above the industry average.
The Solution
To address these challenges, a multifaceted approach was employed:
Storytelling Format: To enable a gradual and comprehensive understanding of Marina, her information was presented in a storytelling format. This allowed users to get to know Marina both as a person and as a professional, thereby building trust over time.
Website Structuring: A strategic website structure was designed to provide answers to the most common client queries. After a thorough analysis of her business's weak points, I opted for the following structure: Home, About Me, Services, Requests, Reviews, and Contact.
Requests Page: Recognizing that Marina's website primarily targeted nail care professionals, a dedicated "Requests" page was created. This page offers immense value, as it addresses issues beyond the quality of nail services. It provides guidance on topics such as client communication, marketing strategies, pricing, and more. This feature aids prospective clients in determining the value of Marina's online course.
Optimized Online Course Sales: In selling the online course, we streamlined the content. Given the course's target audience of professionals with over a year of experience, we omitted extensive introductory information about services and Marina's credentials. Instead, the focus was placed on the course curriculum and two pricing options. To facilitate transactions, the payment system BePaid was integrated, offering global compatibility.
The Result
The resulting website boasts a minimalist design, complemented by engaging storytelling-style content. This approach allows users to form a holistic perception of Marina as a professional while fostering trust through the incorporation of social media icons (Instagram, Telegram), providing multiple perspectives on her expertise.
Most notably, the online course sales achieved significant success. Within a month of the website's launch, sales maintained a stable five to sevenfold increase over previous levels. Though a slight dip occurred in sales several months post-launch, the average sales volume has remained consistently three times higher than pre-website figures, demonstrating the enduring impact of our strategy.
If you're interested in delving further into the project and exploring details such as color schemes, design concepts, wireframes, my way of thinking on this project and more, feel free to scroll down a bit :)
Clear and Easy Motto
In the world of digital design, where every project has its unique challenges, one particular endeavor
stood out with a clear and straightforward motto: "Clear and easy".
Defining the Project's Purpose
My journey began with a pivotal initial meeting, where we delved deep into the project's real objectives and the client's expectations. During this session, a significant revelation emerged: the client aspired to open up online sales of a nail care course via the website.
Although the majority of her clientele was drawn from Instagram, we recognized the importance of cultivating a deeper connection between potential buyers and the course itself.
Analyzing Audience and Market
To pave the way, I embarked on an in-depth analysis of our target audience and the competitive landscape. This exploration unveiled areas where we could improve and capitalize on strengths within the realm of nail care services.
Key findings surfaced, highlighting elements that potential clients valued: a "relaxed and easygoing atmosphere", "complimentary beverages and snacks", "a clear and open-to-see sterilization process", and "a reassuring 14 days warranty".
With these insights in hand, I meticulously organized the data into Notion and harnessed it to craft the website's structure.
Website Structure & Wireframing
Building upon this blueprint and drawing from our earlier analyses, I proceeded to sculpt a preliminarystructure, which includes the following pages: Home Page, About Me, Services, Requests, Reviews, and Contact Page. I then began the wireframe development.
Guiding Content Creation
Simultaneously, I devised helpful prompts to assist the client in crafting the
textual content for each section. These prompts were rooted in the
information gleaned during our initial analysis phase.
As the project evolved, we introduced an additional page entirely
dedicated to the "Pro Gel" course, complete with a payment
system. Details about this will follow shortly in the text.
Creating the Moodboard
The next phase took us into the realm of the Moodboard. During the introductory meeting, the client expressed a desire for a clean, light-colored website with an easy-to-read font, devoid of overly vivid elements. Armed with these minimal directives, I curated a selection of seven color and font pairings
that aligned as closely as possible with the client's preferences.
The Moodboard file comprised three sections: graphic decisions,
color palette, and font pairs. For each color or font pair, I included
a few associations to help the client envision the desired impression and
understand howthese choices would contribute to the overall aesthetic.
Colour palette
The client's discerning choice has fallen upon "Colour Palette Number 6", which served as the foundation
for the entire website's design, a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and functionality.
Design Concepts Criteria
Subsequently, I set out to create three distinct design concepts for the website's initial
screen. These concepts had to satisfy specific client criteria: a sense of "airiness", the
inclusion of essential elements like menu redirection and a "go straight to the course"
button, a contrast in font sizes, and judicious use of images.
Ultimately, the client gravitated toward Concept #1 with a few modifications.
Developing on Tilda
With the design concept for the entire website finalized and approved, I began the development process on the Tilda platform. Once all the pages were created, I added animations where needed and implemented basic SEO. Remarkably, just seven days after the website's launch, it began to surface in Google and Yandex search engines.
Course Page
A month later, our focus shifted to crafting a dedicated webpage with a comprehensive course
description and the capability to purchase it. Adhering to the client's design preferences, I transferred
the design to Tilda and swiftly completed all necessary actions related to the bePaid payment system.
However, navigating the labyrinth of bureaucratic processes and bank connections in Belarus proved to be a month-long ordeal. Despite the prolonged wait, we persevered and finally succeeded in launching the course sales through our meticulously crafted website.
Reaping Our Rewards
And now, behold the fruit of our labor! We invite you to explore the result of our dedication and hard work. We hope you enjoy the outcome of this remarkable journey!
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