Dr. Valeria Kokhan
this is a personal website for injection cosmetologist
website design and development
The Challenge
Our challenge was to establish a compelling online presence for Dr. Lera Kokhan, a medical professional aiming to offer a new service - Injection Medicine (IM), a procedure focused on correcting facial imperfections such as wrinkles and age-related concerns. Given the inherent risks associated with injection medicine, it was imperative to convey Dr. Kokhan's unwavering professionalism and trustworthiness.
The Solution
To address these challenges effectively, we implemented a multifaceted approach:
Professional Storytelling: We crafted a narrative in the website's content to showcase Dr. Lera Kokhan's strong educational background and her unwavering commitment to her dream of becoming a doctor from an early age. Her determination and pursuit of new professional goals, such as becoming a skilled injection cosmetologist, were highlighted. This narrative underlines her dedication,
resilience, and her capacity to assist clients in the realm of cosmetology.
Results Showcase: To reinforce her professional image, we integrated a "before/after gallery" on the website. This gallery demonstrates the tangible results of her work, assuring visitors that she has achieved considerable success in her current endeavors. This serves as a foundation for building trust in her forthcoming services.
Trustworthy Reviews: We bolstered the trustworthiness of client reviews by providing direct links to the reviewers. This enables potential clients to reach out to past clients for additional information about the services they received and Dr. Kokhan's professional approach.
The Outcome
Following the successful launch of the website, Dr. Kokhan commenced her injection therapy practice. Initially, there were reservations among potential clients. However, over time, this situation began to shift. A significant portion of website visitors arrived from Dr. Kokhan's active Instagram page, which, while vibrant, lacked the depth required
for building trust. The website played a pivotal role in providing a comprehensive view of the doctor, contributing significantly to trust-building.
As a result, approximately six months after the website's redesign, Dr. Lera Kokhan established a strong foundation of clients seeking her injection therapy services, with consistent growth in her client base ever since.
If you're interested in delving further into the project and exploring details such as color schemes, design concepts, wireframes, my way of thinking on this project and more, feel free to scroll down a bit :)
Despite her medical degree and an array of relevant certifications, Dr. Kokhan had limited experience in the field of injection medicine at that time. The primary objective was to create a robust online presence that would enhance her professional image, achieved through our website design and development.
Color Palette
The essence of this website was encapsulated in a choice of serene, cool color palettes, symbolizing both her personality and her professional approach. The client has opted for Color Palette Number 4.
Inviting Images
Given the personal nature of the website, large, inviting images of Dr. Kokhan were employed to introduce her to visitors.
Website Structure & Wireframing
In our initial meeting as a part of website development process, the client and I worked together to define the website's content strategy. Using this as a foundation and drawing from our earlier assessments, I went on to shape an initial framework. This framework encompassed key sections, including the Home Page, About Me, Services, Client's Result, Reviews, and the Contact Page, forming the basis
for the subsequent wireframe development.
Analyzing Competitors &
Guiding Content Creation
Integral to the website development process, I undertook a comprehensive review of four competitor websites within Dr. Kokhan's professional sphere. This evaluation encompassed a meticulous examination of pivotal elements, including image galleries, narrative components, and the integration of intricate details. The primary objective was to discern how these elements could be tailored and seamlessly integrated into
our own website.
Additionally, I conducted an in-depth assessment of client preferences, leveraging insights gathered from a client-conducted survey among her existing customer base. This research yielded valuable insights into the most compelling and cherished features, as well as those elements that garnered
less favor.
Building upon the results of these analyses, I devised a structured system of guidelines to assist the client in generating content that adhered to the predefined website structure. These guidelines
proved to be instrumental in facilitating the creation of engaging and effective textual content.
Design Concepts Criteria
Subsequently, I embarked on creating three distinct design concepts for the website's initial screen. These concepts needed to meet specific client criteria, which included a sense of "calmness and coolness", contrast in font size, and maintaining a monotonous aesthetic.
Ultimately, the client gravitated toward Concept Number Two.
Developing on Tilda
After finalizing and gaining approval for the complete website design concept, I initiated the development process on the Tilda platform. Following the creation of all the pages, I incorporated animations
(using J.S.) where required and executed fundamental SEO practices.
Chalenge #1
The challenge was not just to create an aesthetically pleasing design but to do so in the context of cosmetological work that often involves challenging skin conditions. These issues, although potentially unsettling in an aesthetic context, are prevalent among younger demographics and constitute a significant portion of the client base.
Chalenge #2
Another challenge lay in showcasing genuine client reviews, affirming their authenticity as real individuals who had experienced Dr. Kokhan's procedures. To overcome this hurdle, reviews were published with the consent of clients willing to share their Instagram usernames. This transparency enabled potential clients to not only verify the authenticity of reviews but also to directly communicate with previous clients to clarify any doubts, thus significantly enhancing trust.
To address this, a photo gallery featuring over 10 "before-after" images of skin transformations was established.
This gallery was designed to be accessible through a discreet button titled "The Results of My Patients," ensuring that visitors were not overwhelmed with these visuals.
Reaping Our Rewards
Presenting the culmination of our efforts! We welcome you to discover the product of our commitment and strenuous work. We trust that you'll derive satisfaction from the remarkable outcome of this journey.
Figma, Tilda, JavaScript, Photoshop, and a touch of creative ingenuity.